Friday, May 30, 2008


Nope. That wasn't the sound of the first body landing in the pool. Unfortunately it isn't quite ready yet, but maybe tomorrow!

After work today there were still a few sunny patches in the back yard so Heather and I decided to don our bathing suits and lay outside for a while.

When Marty arrived home he went right to work hooking up gadgets and filters. Now it SOUNDS like we have a swimming pool as there is a foreign "hum" in our yard. As he worked Heather asked, "Can we get in yet???"

"No. Not yet. Maybe tomorrow."

Uh oh. I know that look. What's she up to?

I should have known!

This means WAR!!!

Later this evening Marty set out to build our fire ring. He showed me a long sheet of metal that he planned to shape into a ring. I didn't grab the camera from the house soon enough to get any photos of him using the trees to shape it but did get a few of Heather trying to help him finish off the circle shape.

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E said...

Heather's face says it all!!! If that isn't the look of "TROUBLE", I don't know what is! =0)


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