Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day....Work Day???

You'd think after all the posts last summer of the progress of taking down a friend's old pool and readying our yard to install it here we'd finally have an installed pool to enjoy this summer. You'd be wrong. We finally had another work day today to work on it some more. It finally LOOKS like a pool and is starting to get water in it!!!! Yay!!!

It was a long hot day, especially for Marty and Jason who worked on putting it up all day long. Erica and I helped too, but we didn't start till later when they needed our help holding the walls in place and installing the liner. And of course we got another long break when it was time to pick up Heather from school!

I've noticed with this group, we even make hard work fun. And who knew a pool with only an inch of water in it could be so entertaining?!?

Erica. (We worked hard holding up those walls, didn't we???

Until the ladder was in place we had to have help getting over the walls getting in and out of the pool. Marty gives Erica a leg up:

I was just standing, watching and waiting for my next task and apparently someone had my camera for this is what I found when I downloaded photos:

Erica and I were each given power tools! We each had drills and were given the task of unscrewing the bolts, then after Marty and Jason got the liner in place, we rescrewed the bolts in place.

In the foreground I'm helping Jason with a section as Marty and Erica work on the next section. Riley or Cameron were usually nearby and were great "gofers!"

Jason and Marty working on the liner.

When we first got in the pool to begin working out the wrinkles and bubbles in the liner as the pool filled with water, we were continuously getting soaked with the hose, getting splashed, etc!
When Jason helped Erica back in the pool he spun her round and round. I was just waiting for him to get dizzy and fall in the water with her, but of course since I had my camera ready that didn't happen!

I got my revenge for all the spraying and splashing!

Thankfully Marty did not spin me round and round....although with my graceful landing on the other side you'd have thought he did!!!

Erica and me just chillin' and relaxing over dinner.

The kids had a ball playing in the pool with only a tiny bit of water in it! Cameron was really loving his boogie board and it did look fun!!!

Heather taught the kids to play "Ships and Sailors" and they had a blast. Here Heather and Riley landed together!

More Ships and Sailors. From the front: Heather, Riley, Mathew and Cameron.

Doesn't Marty look worn out? Thanks, Babe for all your hard work! Thanks to you too, Jason and Erica!!!!

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E said...

You're welcome. It didn't feel like "Work" even though we were working. It's fun working when your'e doing it with friends! =0)

Glad we could help!


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