Monday, May 19, 2008

Busy Weekend!

Erica and Debbie both predicted I was about to get very busy with photography! It's looking like they may have been right.

Saturday friends of ours from church, David and Linda, hired me to photograph their family reunion. I agreed and upon arrival it was a little awkward at first, just wandering around photographing so many people I didn't know. Several family members I do know from various activities we've been invited to with their family so it wasn't long before I was at ease and even enjoyed myself. David and Linda's family were a very nice bunch and I enjoyed visiting with them and cutting up with them. There were so many little kids and I really enjoyed capturing their little faces! Here are a few of my favorites.

I think this little tyke's name is Evan. He has the most expressive face!

Katie, Michael, Tyler and Baby Kate.


Jordan was such a little ham and clearly enjoyed spraying passersby with the watergun!


Jordan and David.

Jordan informed me she does not like green beans!

Baby Kate.

Thank you, David and Linda, for this opportunity!


lacey said...

what precious pics!!!! :)

E said...

Yea, you're starting to have a steady stream of jobs, aren't ya? CONGRATS!!! =0)


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