Saturday, May 17, 2008

Starsteppers Breakfast

I just learned this week of an annual tradition of the high school Starsteppers dance team. Each year the senior Starsteppers plan a breakfast for the team. They choose a Saturday morning and they drive around very EARLY that morning, waking each of their team members from a sound sleep and haul them off to breakfast in their pj's. The girls aren't even allowed to fix their hair or makeup. They go as is. The moms are notified of the date of the breakfast so the girls can get into the houses, but the information is kept secret from the underclassmen on the dance team. I was told earlier this week that some of the girls would be showing up at my house around 6 or 6:30 am Saturday to pick Heather up and take her to breakfast. I'm told many of the moms leave the door unlocked and just tell whomever is going to be picking up their daughters which room to go to. I decided as soon as I heard what was up I was going to be up, ready to capture what I could of them waking Heather in pictures. I know when I wake Heather up, she is a GRUMP. Not so when her friends showed up! :0)

The girls were late in arrriving because the driver got lost on the way to pick up Jordan. After Carmina picked up Jordan, Machelle, and Shelby they arrived on my doorstep.

Jordan, Machelle, Shelby, and Carmina.

Shelby's been here and took them all straight to Heather's room.

Heather sat up and said, "What are you all doing here???"

Then she said, "Hey, while you all are here, sign my wall!" So they did. (Heather has been letting her friends, and sometimes their moms too, sign the walls of her closet. We told her we didn't care what she did to those walls as long as she didn't write on or put any more staples into her bedroom walls!)

Carmina and Machelle cramming into the closet to sign the walls. And Jordan's in there somwhere too!

And off they go!

Cleary is one of the Starsteppers and her grandmother owns this beautiful home. She opened her home for the Starstepper breakfast. Thank you, Cleary's grandma!!!

Heather and Shelby.

You wouldn't know it by looking at her here that she is not a morning person!

Cleary and Heather.


E said...

What a neat tradition! That sounds like a lot of fun. The last picture of Heather is too cute. =0)

Thatcher's Mommy said...

How fun. Someday she'll be happy she has pictures!

marty(dad) said...

Too bad she isn't in that good of a mood every morning!


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