Saturday, May 24, 2008


What a fun night!

We've been discussing summer plans the past few weeks with Jason and Erica. A few weeks ago Jason mentioned ice skating as a possible activity this summer. We often leave a lot of the planning of our outings to Jason but tonight's plans were totally up to Erica and me. We usually go out for date nights and just the adults go. I decided I liked Jason's suggestion of ice skating but Erica and I both thought this was an event for the kiddos too.

This was the first ice skating trip for Cameron, Riley, Heather and me. I was sure impressed with how well the kids all skated. If I didn't know better, I'd have been sure they'd all done this before!

I put my skates on and immediately felt like I was going to fall when I stood up and I wasn't even on the ice yet! When I did make my way to the ice, I was sure my feet were going to fly right out from under me. I stayed very close to the wall, moving very slowly for several rounds. One of the staff members skated over to me and told me it would be much easier if I'd skate faster. I was skeptical as I knew it was a long way to the ground and it was sure to hurt when I landed! A couple more laps and I did follow his suggestion and speed up some. He was right, and it was easier. Cameron, Riley, Heather and Mathew flew around like old pros in no time! Kids amaze me!

Me and Erica. Look! I've moved away from the wall! :0)

Marty and me. "Don't you make me fall!"


Jason. think Erica's cold???

Erica, Jason and Cameron formed a train.

Erica and Marty. They look like they are synchronized skaters!

Erica's clan: Riley and Cameron, Mathew, Erica and Jason.

Riley. She's such a cutie she had 2 boys flirting with her all night!!! 2 boys with blue mohawks at that. Watch out Jason!!!

The men comandeered the cameras for much of the night. I was afraid to go out on the ice with mine and was sure I'd fall with it!

The gals: Me, Riley, Erica and Heather.

Me, Cameron, Erica, and Mathew. Right after this Erica and Cameron took a tumble and bumped heads. Marty attempted to capture it on the camera but someone skated in front of him just as he snapped it! Otherwise you can sure bet I'd post it!

Check out Erica's blog for my wipeout. After I was more comfortable skating I attempted to skate backward. I did this several times and once something went totally wrong and I wound up flat on the ice. Marty missed the whole thing. But, Erica got it.

Marty's ice skated before so he had no problem maneuvering on that thin blade on the slippery ice!

Heather and Mathew.

Cameron, are you sure you've never done this before??? You sure impressed me!!!

All of us. Marty, Me, Mathew, Cameron, Jason, Erica, Riley and Heather.

After my spill on the ice I was through skating for the night. This is service!

When we were through freezing our tails off on the ice, we headed over to Starbucks for coffee for warmth....well some of us did. The rest went next door for ice cream! Brrrr!

Just chillin' with Marty at Starbucks.

Sunday's note: I was sure I'd wake up sore this morning but I did not!!! I'm ready to go again!

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E said...

I really don't feel sore at all, but it sure did feel good to get those klunky things off my feet!

What a fun night it was! I'm so glad we went, and glad we took the kids along. They had a blast!


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