Friday, May 16, 2008

Photos by Heather

Yesterday evening while I took Chelsea's senior portraits, Heather wandered around the park with one of the school's cameras, taking pictures of her own. She is on the newspaper staff at her high school and is applying for the photo editor position for next year. Along with her application she must also turn in some photos, some of which she took last night. I really like some of the angles of some of her photos, as well as the composition. Some of these I'm posting are just silly ones she took for fun. She's been using the school's Canon digital slr and last night she informed me she'd like to save her money for one of her own. I'd say it's time for her to get a job!!! :0)

Yesterday morning, as we were driving into town to take Heather to school she noticed the sky and pointed it out to me. I told her I had the camera in the back. She grabbed it and rolled down the window to snap a few photos. It really was an awesome sky. Unknowingly, at the same time across town, Erica was snapping photos of the sky from another angle. But, she stopped her car to take her photos and Heather had to make do with what she could get as the car sped down the highway.

These are the photos Heather took at Starcke Park with the school's camera.

I had no idea until browsing through her camera later that she'd been snapping pictures of me taking pictures of Chelsea!

Great job, Heather! And good luck with the photo editor app!

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E said...

Ohhhh! I saw that view of the clouds as I was taking the kids to school, but if I'd stopped for pics at that point, they'd have been late. By the time I dropped them off, those clouds were gone. Heather got some awesome shots!!!


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