Saturday, May 3, 2008


My friend Kathy's daugther Kristi is a senior this year and will graduate this month. Kathy asked me if I'd take Kristi's senior portraits and I said "of course!" This afternoon was the time we set aside to do just that. It was a beautiful day for it, although the wind did cause us a few problems. Kristi is very photogenic and was a gem to work with! She's a beautiful, sweet girl and I think she and her parents are going to have a tough time deciding which photos to order! :0)

Here are a few that I will be having printed for proofs and there are many others I didn't have room to post! We'll have to get together again soon to take a few more photos in her cap and gown as it did not arrive in time for today's shoot.

When I asked Kathy for her permission to post some of Kristi's portraits here, she said absolutely. Thank you Kathy for the photo opportunity and for allowing me to share these photos of your wonderful daughter!!!


E said...

They're all good, but I love the one of her laying on the grass. That's a really beautiful shot.

Grace said...

I think all the shots were great and the dress is perfest because it brings out her skin tone and her eyes!

Angela said...

Beautiful girl and Beautiful photos Tammy! Looks like you had a great place to take them. I love the one where her hair is all blowing out to the sides and the first one in her letter jacket. You are right, they are going to have a hard time choosing.

busysingersmom said...

What a great photo shoot! My favorites are the same as Angela's!

Anonymous said...

Great Job like allways. You seem to find the right places for perfect backgrounds.

Anonymous said...

I think she did a great job picking out the dress... shows off her beautiful blue eyes and rosie cheeks. What an attractive girl to take photos of... GREAT Job!! Deb


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