Saturday, May 10, 2008

In Memory of Ty Patterson

Tonight our church had an opportunity to serve at an event in our community. Ty Patterson, a game warden who grew up here, died in the line of duty last year. A benefit to raise money for a scholarship in his memory was held and our pastor volunteered our church to take care of the serving lines for the bbq dinner. Just over 30 people volunteered! Each of us signed up to help out for a shift that was to last just over an hour. Most stayed much longer and a few stayed for the duration of the event. Working with such close friends and church family always makes events like this fun, rewarding, and the time sure flew by in a hurry.

I didn't snap even one photo the whole evening. Heather had the camera a couple of times and Erica's son Cameron had it once too. I never know when those 2 have had my camera what I will find.

Part of one of the serving lines: Me, Shannon and Pat. The line never seemed to slow down during this whole shift, and never seemed to get shorter!

Behind the serving lines our Pastor Mitch, Bill and Jason kept all the servers' pans stocked with food. Thanks, Bill for making sure I came home smelling like pickle juice!!!

Erica worked the drive thru line with ALL the kiddos! She said they did a great job!

My friend Denise.

Marty served tea much of the night then when that shift was over moved behind the serving line to keep meat trays stocked for the servers.

Cameron and I taking a break after my shift.

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E said...

I thought it was a real good turn-out. I'm glad we all got to participate. See ya bright-n-early!


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