Friday, May 16, 2008

Chillin' at Starcke Park

After taking Chelsea back to the coffee shop where she'd left her car, Heather and I decided we weren't ready to go home right away. Marty was working for a friend and she and I were enjoying the beautiful evening. We decided to go into the coffee shop, grab coffee and a sandwich and head back to the park. We sat on the ground next to the water to enjoy our picnic. Typically, neither of us finished dinner before we had our cameras out to snap a photo of something. In time, our dinner did get eaten and our coffee finished.

It was very nice to just enjoy the evening, relaxing and just enjoying the quiet time together. These moments have become rare in the rat race our lives have become.

Nah...we aren't easily distracted! Just don't get any food on the camera please!

I could sit right here and listen to the sound of the water rushing over the dam all day. One of my favorite sounds.....

The lenths we'll go to for that perfect shot!

1 comment:

E said...

She's your "Mini-Me", isn't she? You're creating another monster!!! =0)

I'm glad y'all have it in common. It's a good hobby to have - and cheap!


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