Monday, May 12, 2008


Jason and Erica invited several families from church to their house Sunday evening to hang out and grill hamburgers. It was a great way to end Mother's Day! Thanks for having us all over guys!!!

New friends David and Susan, along with their 10 month old baby Roby, joined us as well. I intended to take lots of pictures of everyone, but mostly got lots of shots of Roby. He's such a cutie and just loves to have his picture taken! He has the most beautiful big brown eyes!

At one point Roby was following wherever the camera was. I passed it around to Erica and he followed it. He was fascinated by it.

Watch out Susan. He'll just take off walking on his own soon!

He even let Heather hold him.

Roby with his daddy, David.

Roby and Riley.

I did manage to sneak upstairs and grab a quick shot of the girls watching tv in Riley's room.

Riley, Bethany, and Maggie.

Katie cuddled up with Heather as she played video games.

Roby with his Mama, Susan. Happy Mother's Day Susan!

Erica shared some of the photos she took of the girls roasting their hotdogs.
Maggie, Bethany, Katie, and Denise.


LACEY said...

what a little cutie pie!!!! :)


E said...

Talk about a happy, photogenic baby! He sure knew how to turn on the charm when you aimed that camera at him. =0)

Glad you all could come hang out. We had a fun night.

(Stupid Parvati!)

Tammy said...

I completely agree! Stupid Parvati! I keep watching Survivor and the jury keeps disappointing me!!!!


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