Saturday, May 17, 2008


Our church is gearing up for our "Outrigger Island" VBS this summer. Today kicked off the event with a preregistration carnival for the kids. I will be teaching the crafts portion of VBS, along with my friend Shannon and my pastor's daughter Angela. Shannon came up with a "Beach Blanket Bingo" idea for our booth for the carnival. I think it was a hit with the kids! (Either that or they just liked our prizes!)

I've learned that VBS is a time when all the adults involved have just as much (if not more) fun as the kids!

It didn't take long for the workers to have their booths all set up. Reva brought out some hoola hoops for the kids to entertain themselves with while they waited. Darla and I decided to see if we could still hoola hoop!

Shannon's daughter Abby did great (on the left). I'm in the middle. Maggie is on the right with the hoola hoop on her arm.

The moon bounce is always a hit with the kids, as you can clearly see by the smile on Terryn's face.

Shannon's son Dawson attempts to hoola hoop on his arm like Maggie.

Savannah was apprehensive about riding the train so Abby rode with her. Thanks Abby!

The kids LOVE riding the church's Kids Klub Train!

After the carnival got started I relied on Erica and Heather to take pictures for me! Thanks guys!!!

Shannon as she prepares to start the first round of Beach Blanket Bingo.

Cameron anticipates his first Bingo game!

It was HOT, but we sure had fun!

I LOVED it when Terryn (left) and Chandler (right) came over and just sat down to help me with Bingo! They were so sweet!

Even Pastor Mitch acts like a kid and even enjoys the train!

Reva and Darla with their booth.

Darla and Jim decided to play Bingo with the kids too!

See you all at VBS this summer!!!

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E said...

Love the hoola-hoop pics! Looks like you've "Still got it!" as they say. =0)


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