Sunday, May 18, 2008

This is the Life!

Our friends Paula and Jim occasionally house sit for friends of theirs who have a house on the river. They've been doing this for 20 years. They invited us and Jason and Erica and their kiddos over to hang out with them on the river today after church. Jim and his son Josh grilled hamburgers for us and we all enjoyed an easy lunch. We all wondered down to the dock and just relaxed and visited as we watched the kids play in the water. Jim even aired up the paddle boat for the kids to play on.

We all stayed until time to go back to church tonight. I don't think any of us were ready to leave!

Jim gave us the grand tour of the house and property. This photo was taken of the view of the river from the balcony of the top room of the tower portion of the house. What a beautiful, park-like setting!

Jim pointed out to Heather how close the view of the fireworks set off in the park across the river are on the 4th of July.

Paula waaaaaay down below!

Marty and me

Marty hesitated posing beside this tree. He said it had bees in it.

I've photographed this building many times from the other side of the river!

What a house! With all those windows I'd never lack the light I wish I had when painting!!! Dream on, right!?!

Erica had no clue I snapped this photo of her taking a picture.

Apparently Erica was doing the same thing for I didn't know she took this one of me until she emailed it to me. Thanks for sharing, E!

Our friend Paula with her soon-to-be daughter in law, Kim.

When lunch was ready, guess where Cameron was? Waaay up at the top of the tower of course!

Kim, you are going to be a beautiful bride in a few months!!!

Josh, Paula, Kim and Erica just chillin' on the dock.

Cameron and all the kiddos sure enjoyed playing in the water!

Action shot of Heather mid-cannon ball!

Heather in the paddle boat. Soon it broke and would no longer steer but that didn't stop the kids from enjoying it anyway. It did make a few adults nervous with how close we were to the dam!

Mathew, Heather and Josh attempt syncronized diving. Ready....




Cameron enjoyed his turn on the paddle boat too!

What a fun, relaxing afternoon! Thanks Jim and Paula for inviting us over!


E said...

You know the house is a maze when Marty had to CALL ME ON MY CELL PHONE to find out where I was in the house and tell me it was lunch time! ha ha ha

It was a fun afternoon. We had a great time. =0)

marty said...

I really enjoyed the afternoon but was sure missing my afternoon nap! Thanks for having us over guys. Tammy next time you get to stand next to bee tree!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed as much as we did having everybody over.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics! We had a great time and I hope we can't a chance to do it again in the fall.

Anonymous said...

That was supposed to say...hope we get a chance to do it again in the fall! Spend the day on the river, I mean. Ok, this is getting bad...see ya later!


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