Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nothing Between My Ears??!!

I'm still spending evenings/late nights working on this painting project. Tonight I finally have all of the white space filled with color!

My friend Jim told me today the reason I can paint is because I have nothing between my ears! Gee thanks, Jim! Actually.....he may be on to something. Either that or this terpentine is affecting my brain! Since I paint almost every night I sometimes leave my brushes sitting in the terpentine. Unfortunately, when I began tonight I discovered I'd also left a palette knife in the terp. A plastic palette knife! You know what terpentine does to plastic???

Some of the detail work is getting finished.

Kelle, the woman who's hired me to paint this picture, left the most touching comment on my last post of this project.

Kelle, I didn't know you've been watching the progress but I'm so glad you like it so far!

On to more detail, highlights, shadows, camoflauge...................


E said...

See to me....that whole job would be SOOOO overwhelming!

It's look great! I can't wait to see how all of their camouflage clothing turns out. =0)

Anonymous said...

I told Kelle Tue. that she needed to go take a peak. I'm glad she did. I know she has been wondering how it was coming along. Billie

busysingersmom said...

This is looking so awesome! What is Kelle going to do with it after you are finished? I hope she has a really big wall. ha. I wish I could paint. :(

E said...

Had to tell you that I just showed your blog to Cam. He said, "That looks like Steele from the back." I told him that it IS Steele, and he was shocked. So hey, Cameron could already tell who it was and he had no clue that's who you were painting!!

Tammy said...

Suzanne, yes Kelle has a huge wall that was chosen just for this project and the canvas sizes were chosen accordingly.

E-that's so cool that Cameron could tell who it is! But tell him it's a secret. :0)

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering if this a Father's Day gift? If so, the Dad in this picture will be astounded and incredibly touched. You are doing a FABULOUS job!!! Kudos to Kelle for coming up with such a fantastic idea!!!

Tammy said...

Yes, this is a surprise Father's Day gift. No one in that family knows of this project except Kelle. I agree, Kudos to Kelle!!!


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