Sunday, December 16, 2007

Angels Aware

Kids Klub at church presented their Christmas musical tonight: "Angels Aware." They did a FABULOUS job and I'm proud of each of them! (Even the 4 year olds who couldn't stand still a moment longer!)

I told Erica I'm sure posting a lot of pictures of kids that aren't mine. But...most of these kids were all mine for a short time when I worked in/and they were in the nursery. Does that count???

The set was beautiful! I'm very impressed with how this program all came together. To all of you who made it possible: Thank You; you are so appreciated: Janice for directing the musical; Lisa for working with the kids on their speaking parts; Reva for the set design; Denise and Barbara for making costumes; Jim and Marty for the sound and lights; and others I'm probably forgetting!

The 2 youngest cast members are 4 years old and are Terryn and Katie. Throughout the play they often had the audience in stitches with their antics on stage!
This is Terryn peeking around the candles.

Terryn wanted her brother Deano's trumpet at one point in the play.

Here Terryn looks pretty angelic.

Katie certainly had her moments on stage too! Here she's decided to sit down and pick her toes, rather than stand in her spot.

Then she laid down on the floor.

Then she began having halo issues.

Let's twirl our halos!!!

Deano and his trumpet.

2 very sweet angels: Holly and Cheney.

In the back, left to right: Matthew, Hope, and Cameron.
At the microphone: Cheney, Garrett, and Michael.

Cheney, you did a wonderful job on your part!!!

Here Katie has it together!

Matthew, Bethany, Cameron, and Michael. (Bethany, Cameron and Michael are all 3 members of my Sunday School class.)
Great job guys!!!

Beautiful angels Riley and Hope.




The group bringing flowers to Mrs. Janice.

Again, FABULOUS JOB, Kids Klub!!!!


Happy Birthday, Cameron!!!



E said...

Oh, you got some sweet pics, too! I have to say, the costumes did make them all look so much more innocent. A couple of them just couldn't disguise it for long. ha ha ha

It was an awesome musical!

lacey said...

they looked beautiful!!!! and sweet!!!

yes its ok to "adopt" them. I have a few i've "adotped" over the past couple of years!!!!!!!!!!

Pastor Mitch said...

The kids did a wonderful job. The set and costumes are too cool! Thank you to all the kids and to their leaders who made this a special night at FHBC.

denise said...

My angel may chew her toenails and twirl her halo, but she has a big heart!! My other two angels did an awesome job, as well as all the other kids. I am so proud of all of them!!

Me!! said...

Hurricane Ella have fun baby cause when you get old you have to work<great Job TJ

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