Sunday, December 16, 2007

Another White Elephant

Last night our Sunday School class celebrated Christmas with dinner and a white elephant gift exchange. Although Marty and I both teach children's Sunday School classes, we are still affiliated with our former adult class for fellowship and activities.

Jason loses his Bill.

So in choosing a new gift to open, Jason gets a slinky!

Tara and Jim. I think Tara got to take home this tin of chocolates she opened.

Frank as he opens a tin of lip gloss. one stole his gift either!

Another candle holder for Erica. No one stole this one.

Marty contemplates what to open next. He's already lost a jar of cashews and a food chopper.

Our gracious hosts Billy and Lisa as Lisa opens a set of brass candy dishes. Haven't we seen these before???

Matt as he opens his flashlight. Although the flashlight is taped to a bath set, when asked what his gift was, Matt's reply was "It's a flashlight."

Denise opened a dog bed...but she doesn't have a dog anymore.

Darla was in hysterics by the time Angela opened her gift....

...another repeat gift from last year. Darla went home with this coat last year.

Shannon now has help keeping her toilets sparkling!

After Reva stole Marty's food chopper, Denise stole it from her.

I stole Denise's dog bed for our dog Missy, only to have Darla steal it from me for her dog Lacey.

Bill wound up with Matt's flashlight.

I ended up bringing home the gift I took 3 or 4 years ago that comes back every year....a framed picture of snowmen on a conveyer belt pooping into ice cream cones. I guess justice is served! ha!


lacey said...

now i see why u didnt want to play this game when u come home......

E said...

It was a fun night. Glad we made it - - - finally!!!!

Great pics! =0)

Anonymous said...

that would be hard to play when some gifts are seen for a couple years in a roll. marie

Anonymous said...

that would be hard to play when some gifts are seen for a couple years in a roll. marie

C&C Mama said...

Thanks for the AWFUL picture Tammy!! It serves you right to get that picture of the Snowmen again-HAHA. I think it makes it fun that there are presents passed around year after year. You can bet that you will see my LOVELY brass bowls again-WATCH OUT!!!

Denise-your eyes are closed again! HAHA


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