Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"Ain't Dead Yet" Christmas Party

ADY is the acronym for our church's "Ain't Dead Yet" monthly adult dinner/fellowship. The pastor always says, "If you're an adult and you "Ain't Dead Yet" your're invited to join us for dinner and games once a month at the church."
Tonight was the Christmas party for this group. Each year there is a white elephant gift exchange at the party. We never know if the gifts are going to be nice, tacky, funny or just cheap. It's always a lot of fun and there is always a lot of good food to eat!

Marty always takes his time wandering around the room to see everyone's goodies...and then selects an unopened mystery gift. You'd think he'd learn to just take someone's opened gift so he'll know what he's getting.

Becase he NEVER opens something he likes very much. This year is no exception. And of course no one stole his gift so we brought it home.

I opened a Max Lucado book...but the pastor stole it when it was his turn. I, in turn stole Miss Vivian's box of Hershey's Pot of Gold Chocolates! Others threatened to steal them from me...but no one did so I got to take them home! Mitch (our pastor) did offer to let me read one of the devotions from the book each day in trade for a chocolate a day.

Several years ago I framed a photo of the cartoon of the snowmen pooping into ice cream cones on a conveyer belt. It usually makes the rounds to at least one of the church's white elephant gift Christmas parties every year since then. It didn't turn up tonight so I'm betting it will at Saturday's party. The first year Richard got it. This year Richard got a snowman ornament instead of just snowman poop! You must be living right, Richard!

Bah Humbug, Jason!

Sorry you had to leave the party early to go to work!

I think Paula really enjoyed opening this "high maintenance" pillow and scarf!

"Rapper Don" and his new cap.

Erica opened this great bath set complete with rubber ducky and bath products all in a nifty duck backpack. Very cute! I seriously thought about stealing it if given the opportunity! But Reva stole it next to give to one of her new grandbabies and I couldn't bring myself to take it from Ashton or Thatcher.

That didn't bother Erica and she stole it back again when she drew for an absent Jason! She claims it's for Riley but I bet she keeps it for herself!

Harry and Judy.

Wanda unwrapped some fuzzy houseshoes she liked very much. But Rita took them away from her very quickly.

Harry will be able to do lots of laundry for Judy with his new box of Tide!

Marty was happy as a lark sitting between 2 of his favorite girls!

Erica, Jason and Chuck.

Our good friends Paula and Jimmy. Aren't they sweet?

Jimmy, I bet Paula won't look near this sweet for long if you don't hurry up and get that Christmas tree up for her!!!

Merry Christmas ADY crew!!!

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The Tree is UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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