Saturday, December 22, 2007

We're Here!

I can't post pictures yet as I'm having difficulty even getting my mom's dial up to work to access my email! We pulled into Mom's driveway about 8:00 this morning. The drive was long but went well and was uneventful. We brought Missy, our little dog, and she behaved very well and didn't make any messes in my car which is always a good thing.

Marty drove to Dallas and I took over planning to drive to Little Rock but didn't make it quite that far before waking him to take another turn. He drove to Batesville, Arkansas and I took over again. By this time it was raining but at least it wasn't snowing or even ice.

As I drove through Ash Flat I got behind a car that braked at every single curve in the road. I remarked to Heather that drivers in the Ozarks generally don't drive like that! I got closer to them and sure enough...they had Texas plates on their car! Driving like that is typical of Texans and other flat landers not familiar with driving in the hills, hollers and curves of the Ozark "Mountains."

You know you've been away from the Ozarks too long when:

1) Driving the hills, hollers and curves that you used to think were make you sick to your stomach!

2) You go into the local Wal Mart and don't recognize a single person in the store.

3) You can't remember how to get from one small town to your home town...even if it's one you used to drive to on a regular basis! (Thanks, Mom for calling me at just the right time so I could ask you where I turn next and not having to wake Marty!)

Upon arrival at Mom's, our dog Missy had her own "family reunin." Mom gave us Missy the last time we were here and Missy's mom "Puggy" still lives with Mom, as does Missy's brother "Moses." Missy is still the runt and so much smaller than the rest of her family!


E said...

Glad to hear y'all made it safely. Get some pictures on here though! Just 'typing' is BORING!!!

BTW: I told Robert, "Tammy just texted me saying to give you a hug." He goes, "Tammy who?" Ha ha ha - and you won't be here to pinch him at church tomorrow!

Be safe. Have fun. TTYS!

PS: Hi Lacey!!!

Carmen said...

Enjoy your family time!

Anonymous said...

I forgot you were gone! Hug everyone for me!!! I hope you have a wonderful time and be careful!!!!
Love you!!


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