Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sights and Sounds...How San Marcos Does Christmas

Until yesterday I'd never even heard of "Sights and Sounds," a Christmas Festival in San Marcos, TX. Our friends Jason and Erica were going to be there with their kiddos. Jason had to work a booth for part of the evening but then would be free to join his family for some fun. They asked us to meet them over there when we got off work this evening. We actually had an evening with no plans so we decided to join them.

There were Christmas lights everywhere, and carnival rides, and food, food and more food. (Jason was helping man a booth for the San Marcos police department and they were selling fried oreos, fried cookie dough and fried snickers! I'd never heard of or tried any of them. Although each was pretty rich, they were actually pretty good!) There were performances throughout the park on various stages. And people EVERYWHERE! We walked around just looking at everything there was to see as Jason was the only one of us to have ever been there. We rode some carnival rides. I don't recall ever riding carnival rides in December....let alone riding them with Christmas lights on display everywhere I could see.

Just a pretty tree in the park near the carousel.

Some of the pretty light displays throughout the park.

We decided to ride a couple of carnival rides. I was pretty apprehensive about riding one. I generally don't ride the ones that go upside down. This one didn't QUITE go all the way upside appeared....but came very close!!!

Here Heather and I along with Riley, Cameron and Erica wait in line to ride.

On the far side you can see Heather, me and Cameron waiting for the ride to take off.

And away we go!

On another ride. This one spins so fast the walls slide up. I asked the ride operator to hold the camera and to snap a picture. He couldn't figure out how to work the camera so he took this picture after the ride, then told us to stay on and he'd take another one since he figured out the camera! He also let Mathew get back on with us and we all 3 got to ride again for free!

Marty and Heather crossing a bridge under a canopy of lights.

Marty and me wandering around the park.

At the end of the night Santa had already left so we borrowed his sleigh!

Thanks, Erica and Jason for asking us to tag along!!!


Anonymous said...

the sights and sounds are awesome. I told you about it 2 yrs ago but I guess you forgot. Billie

E said...

Glad y'all could make it. We had fun, too!

lacey said...

looks like a blast!!! too cold here for carnival rides in december!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm soo glad you enjoyed it! I couldn't attend this year but I definitely made time to help decorate the event the days before it all began..including that stage with the sleigh,presents,and xmas tree!!:)

Happy Holidays!


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