Thursday, November 8, 2007


Our friends Bill and Denise have 3 daughters: Bethany, Maggie and Katie. Katie was in the nursery at church when I worked in there from the time she was a newborn. I've mentioned before that Katie and I have always shared a special bond, one that probably formed in part due to the amount of time our families spent together when she was a baby, and the fact that she was in my nursery. We all have grown very attached to Katie, and she to us. She cried a lot when she was tiny and we'd all take turns trying to soothe her.

Katie recently graduated from the nursery when she turned 4 in August. I left the nursery to work full time in the church office last January. Recently I began working in the nursery again, only on Wednesday nights, temporarily. When Katie saw me in the nursery again she cried and cried to come back to the nursery, saying "I'm not a big girl yet, I'm still little and I need to be in the nursery."

Katie also adores Mr. Marty. And she has always loved his "martycycle." She has been fascinated with motorcycles since she was very little. A couple of years ago when we watched the 4th of July parade with Katie she was most impressed with the motorcycle cops!

I've posted before about a motorcycle I bought, then sold soon after. When I first bought the motorcycle, Bill and Denise and the girls were over so we took Katie out to see the bike.

Katie on Mr. Marty's bike. The only cute female I'll let sit on Marty's bike!

Katie on my bike.

"Where's the key Mr. Marty?"

"Turn it on."


Anonymous said...

awww... shes so cute you;ll have to put that picture of her in my tap shoes on here at another time...


busysingersmom said...


Hey, did I miss your birhtday? If so, oops, Happy Birthday. Or is it today?

ME!! said...

Thanks Tammy I'll have to show Denise I AM IN SO much Trouble when she gets older....Sigh


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