Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas Under the Stars...Part 1

Tonight was a beautiful night to celebrate Christmas Under the Stars. Our town's Outdoor Learning Center hosts an annual Christmas Under the Stars with lighted paths, live music, crafts for the kids, hot chocolate, and roasting marshmallows. We joined our friends Dean and Darla and their kids Kylie, Deano, Terryn and Kylie's friend Haylee to check out the festivities.

Dean and Darla

Me and Marty

Kylie and Haylee were too cool to hang out with the adults and little kids, but when we found them during the evening Dean sure enjoyed invading their space!

Relaxing under the stars, listening to the music.

Me, Terryn and Darla

The hillside was spread with blankets, the perfect seating to enjoy the live entertainment on the stage at the bottom of the hill.

Deano and Terryn were fascinated with the size of this polar bear.

Haylee, Kylie, and Deano making Christmas ornaments.

Terryn and Dean.

Kylie and Darla.

The gingerbread family in the gingerbread house!

Heather didn't get to join us as we played...she and the rest of the dance team were volunteering their time at Christmas Under the Stars. Here she's helping Deano and Terryn make bracelets.

Haylee and Kylie playing with glitter.

Terryn couldn't wait to bite into the cookie she decorated!

Deano and his cookie creation.

Great shot, Terryn!!!

Thanks guys for a fun night! We sure enjoyed hanging out and being goofy!


E said...

Hey, glad y'all had fun tonight. Now how on earth did you convince them to get behind that Gingerbread house? Was money involved? =0)

You were good sports D & D!


Maria said...

That looked like a really fun time!


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