Thursday, December 13, 2007

Live Nativity

On Tuesdays and Thursdays for a short time, there is a live nativity on display at one of the local churches. We decided to check it out tonight since we weren't doing anything else. We called Marty's brother Mike and his family to see if they wanted to join us for dinner and to see the Live Nativity too. They did!

We met at Chili's for dinner and laughed as we always do when we're all together! After viewing the Nativities on display we went to the coffee shop for coffee and hot chocolate to take with us as we strolled around Central Park enjoying the lights.

We tried to take family photos for Christmas cards with the fountain behind us, but the lighting didn't work out well and the photos are too grainy. Sorry guys, this means another photo session very soon!

The guys found reading material in the coffee shop while we waited for the barista to bring our orders.

My nephew Tony seems even taller next to the very short table where we chose to sit.

My niece Cheyenne and Heather. Don't they look sweet? Warning: looks can be very deceptive...especially in teenage girls!

Me and my sister in law Debbie. We always cut up and have a good time together don't we Debbie?

Debbie stole my camera and got some really goofy shots!

She also got a few less goofy ones.

All the girls: me, Heather, Debbie and Cheyenne.

Debbie and Mike. Mike made it very difficult to get a "normal" shot of him tonight. He was in a mood to make faces all night. Here he's showing off his dimples!

Debbie and Cheyenne.

Marty and me in front of the fountain.

Mike's family in front of the fountain.

Leave it to Mike to try to ruin a perfectly nice picture!

What a sweet couple!

Marty, Heather and me.


Debbie said...

Whew! I am so glad that Mike is the one acting up in the pictures and not me.. Ha Ha! We did have a great time as always... What a blessing to have such a wonderful brother and sister in law... and of course a wonderful niece in Heather! Are ya feeling the love this morning? Debbie

Rising Rainbow said...

Boy isn't that the truth about teenage girls. Their hormones are so erradic you never know what's coming next.

Maria said...

It looks like you had a good time. I like the one of you in front of the fountain! Frame it! Your nephew IS tall.


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