Saturday, December 15, 2007

In Which I Torture My Family...

Since I canceled the shopping trip I'd planned with Heather today I decided we should go take our annual family picture for the Christmas card. It appeared to be warm outside as the rain and drizzle has finally stopped and the sun was shining...however the wind was blowing hard making it feel pretty cold at times. Looking outside early this morning I thought it would be a great day for the picture taking. When I announced to my family this was my plan, by the looks on their faces you think I'd told them we'd be extracting teeth today. But, they cooperated. Mostly. We all piled in the car with camera and tripod in hand and headed to Luling to see if we could find potential backdrops at Zedler Mill. The backdrops I had in mind didn't work out with the direction the sun was shining, but we found some that worked out almost as well as I'd hoped. I kept having to give Marty and Heather breaks from picture taking in the shady areas to put jackets back on and go warm up in the sunshine. Despite the wind constantly blowing our hair in our faces (except Marty) and the cold, we got a couple of shots we could use.

Here are a few that will not be on this year's Christmas card.

And of course, it wouldn't be me not to take photos of the scenery while Marty and Heather warmed in the sun.

We attemped a few poses on this, but the shadows on our faces looked awful. I did manage to rip my jeans tripping over the rake on my way back to the camera to set it for another photo.

This is where I wanted to take our pictures, but the sun glared too brightly on our faces.


E said...

Looking forward to seeing the one on the Christmas card. =0)

lacey said...

i hope everyone looks happier on the Christmas card!! :)
hey im glad to know im not the only one that ripped my jeans this week!!! cept i was climbing over a fence!!!!!!!!

Carmen said...

Gorgeous work as usual, Tammy.


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