Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sunset Composite

The sunset last night was awesome! I posted a few of the many, many photos I took here. Usually I notice that the pretty sunsets here have a pretty spot in the sky where the sun is setting and for the most part the rest of the sky is pretty but not inspiring. Last night every direction I turned there was an awesome sight to see. I took a series of photos just turning all the way around. I combined several of them to create one long image of the sky I saw. This isn't all the images I'd planned to use, but I'm starting to see double from staring at these photos and maneuvering them for so long! (Click on it to see it larger)


busysingersmom said...

That would make an awesome poster!

mom said...

I could see this one, AWESOME, sunsets and sunrises are addictive, God sure knows how to paint a pretty picture  MOM

E said...

That's pretty cool! Good job.


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