Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More Camp Photos

I still have several more groups of photos from preteen camp to post. Today's photos are just a bunch of just us girls. I have a photo with each of my campers. One rainy afternoon at camp we had some free time and the girls and I decided to spend it by ourselves, without the other campers or the boys. We just goofed off and spent some time taking goofy photos when the rain stopped. At one point the younger three were lured away by the playground so the older three and me just sat at a nearby table chillin' and taking more goofy photos. Beware when you hand over your camera to a preteen! You never know what will be on it when you get it back!

All us flip-flop lovin' girls were not happy campers during the activities that required we wear our tennis shoes!

I have a photo of myself with each of my campers:
Kylie and me.

Haylea and me.

with Madison

with Hope

with Maggie

and with Bethany.

All my monkeys I mean girls.

Goofy girls Haylea and Kylie.

"Super Haylea!" I had to laugh at all the girls on this walk to the swimming pool. The biggest complaint from all of them was all the walking we had to do. We'd take a bus from the main campground to some of the activities. On this particular day, when we left the waterfront activities to head to the pool, all 6 girls kept walking right past the bus stop and were half way up the hill before I told them they missed the bus stop and we may as well walk the rest of the way at that point! They were funny!

It is a tradition of our church that every camp group on the final day of camp, dons their matching t-shirts for a group photo in front of the cross at Highland Lakes.



I had a great time at camp.
Thank you so much for being our conseler!!
I liked the time we had just with the girls. It was awesome to have the boys away for a while.

E said...

Okay, why do I feel like I've seen all of these photos before? OH ---- cuz they look like MY CAMP PHOTOS! Silly me! =0)

I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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