Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Preteen Camp...Part One

I have been away at camp the last few days so I've been unable to produce any new posts for the blogs.

My friend Jason and I volunteered to attend camp as counselors for the preteens of our church. We headed out right after worship last Sunday morning and camp ended just after lunch today. Overall it was an awesome experience and I will cherish the time I spent with my preteen girls.

Our group just before we left the church Sunday (minus the 2 girls who arrived at camp later in the day)
Back row left to right: me, Haylea, Kylie, Bethany, Cody, Michael and Jason
front row left to right: Cameron, Collin, Matthew, Deano, Maggie

The girls all jumped in my car and the boys in Jason's. Here we are at a stop along the way to camp:
Haylea, Maggie (in the "way back"), Bethany, and Kylie
Heather sent along Christian music cd's she thought the girls might like that sounded like rock and some rap and I played them for the girls only to find out they all like country music and weren't impressed with Heather's Toby Mac, etc.

The boys: Jason, Deano, Collin, Cody, Michael

kneeling: Matthew and Cameron

The girls and me in front of our dorm (the other 2 girls still haven't shown up at this point)

Bethany, Kylie, Maggie, Me, and Haylea

Our group as we were getting seated for one of our worship times.

Upon arrival at camp there were many inflatables the kids could choose from for their enjoyment. Here Cameron and Collin have found one they like!

The speaker for Worship each evening was Dennis Lee. He did a remarkable job of presenting the gospel in a way that really got the kids to pay attention and enjoy.

Posing for pictures early the first morning before our personal Bible study time:

Bethany and Madison

Our whole group met together at 7:00 each morning on the back porch of the boys' dorm for our personal Bible study time called "Jesus and Me." We'd meet together as a group for reading and a short discussion, then break away for individual reading and study and meet together again for discussion and prayer. I thoroughly enjoyed these times each morning.

Best friends Kylie and Haylea.

Cameron and Cody

Deano and Collin

Cousins and friends Cody and Michael

Buddies Collin and Cameron

All the girls:

Hope, me, Kylie, Haylea

front: Maggie, Bethany and Madison

Keep checking back as I continue to post photos and stories of my days spent at camp!


E said...

Awwww, you got some great shots! Cam sure looks like he was enjoying it. He has had nothing but great things to say about camp. He says it was BETTER than he expected. =0)

Thanks for going!!!

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