Saturday, August 23, 2008

End of Summer Bash

Summer's over and school starts Monday. I decided to have some friends over to splash in the pool, roast hotdogs over the fire and whatever else we could find to get into. I thought we'd play some volleyball as I'd finally convinced Marty to put up the volleyball net this weekend too. But, with all the trees everywhere we could not find anywhere that worked very well for volleyball. We'll have to work on that....besides it rained most of the afternoon anyway.

The adults opted not to swim even though the rain stopped. The water was much too cold for us, but not the kids! They swam anyway...all but Heather. She had to work but she got off early enough to join in some of the fun before the evening was over.

Our friends Dave and Lana

Marty was trying to frown for the camera!

Male bonding??? Marty, Dave and Jason

Jason and me roasting our dinner

We're always teasing Erica about what a pyro she is because she loves helping build the campfires. So, here she's very much acting the part of a pyro! Too funny!

Erica and I look like we sure take dressing our hotdog buns seriously!

Heather got home in time for food!

Dave and Heather

We sure enjoy these evenings of hanging out around the fire pit.

Can you tell how much Holly loves marshmallows???

Ashley looked so sweet trying to roast her hotdog all by herself.

Riley, Marty and Ashley

After they ate the kids started a game of keep away. Here Holly is trying so hard to catch the bottle they were throwing!

When we'd all had enough of hotdogs, marshmallows and playing in the fire we went inside. While the little girls played Barbies, everyone else played 3 rounds of Catch Phrase!!! Thanks, Paula for loaning us your game!!

Of course as always: Girls Rule and Boys Drool! The girls won 2 out of 3 rounds!

Cameron played the game for the first time and was really good at it! I loved how animated he became when describing his words for his team!

What a fun night and a great way to end our summer. Although I'm sure fall will still find us sitting around the fire with friends on occasion!


E said...

I was reading your blog thinking "I said the same thing!" ha ha ha Should I expect any less?

For all of you readers - if Tammy and I are posting about the same event, we NEVER read the other's blog before we post our own! Guess we just think alike. =0)

It was a fun night. Thanks for having us over, Guys!

Tammy said...

I had to laugh when I read your "girls rule and boys drool!"

E's right, we don't look at the other blog until after posting our own, yet we often say things in very much the same way! Funny how that works!

LACEY said...

TWO PEAS IN A POD!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Angela said...

Looks like an evening full of fun.

Have a great school year Heather!

Lana said...

We had a great time! We enjoy spending time with all of you! We are especially enjoyting the fun games! Thanks Tammy & Marty for inviting us!

Debbie said...

Awww, wish we could have joined in on the fun.. We always miss the good stuff... :( So glad that ya'll had a great time!


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