Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Photos, Missions, and Shaved Heads

Meet my friend Bill:

Bill, along with my husband Marty and 6 other team members from our church will head to Brazil this fall for a mission trip to help start a new church. Unfortunately the team is still just over $7,000 short of the money needed for the trip. That's where my friend Bill comes in. He has agreed to shave his head if $3,000 can be raised the morning of August 17 when the pastor will have a special time of prayer and dedication of the team during that morning's worship service. Mostly I want to see this team succeed in raising the necessary funds they so desperately need...but I'd also like to blog about Bill's shaved head!!!

If you'd like to help meet this team's financial goal (and help shave my friend Bill's head!), I've set up an account at RedBubble to sell cards and prints of my photos. All proceeds I make will be given to this team's fund. So head over to my page at RedBubble and find something you like. If you don't see something you like, keep checking back because I'm continuing to upload new stuff.
You may also make a donation to the Brazil Mission fund by clicking the link below or on my sidebar.


E said...

BEST OF LUCK! I'm helping you with your mission work. =0)

E said...

So we have our first donation, huh?!!! Way to go Bill for helping raise your OWN MONEY to shave your OWN HEAD! I'm so proud. =0)


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