Friday, August 22, 2008

Another Amazing Sunset

Tonight as I left to pick Heather up from a church youth event the sky was bright pink. I caught the very end of what must have been an awesome sunset. I stopped the car twice on the way to get out and take pictures...the camera was only in the car this time because I hadn't bothered to take it out yet. I really didn't expect to photograph anything today.

Sometimes I adjust colors some in photoshop but these photos haven't been touched. These shots are all straight out of the camera. I wish I could have seen the whole sunset tonight!

It was almost getting too dark to take pictures as I was taking these but the colors still show up well. If I'd had time I may have set up the tripod to snap a few more but I didn't want to be late getting Heather! Maybe next time....


E said...

Very pretty and I'm glad you didn't alter them. They're beautiful just the way they are!

Thatcher's Mommy said...

Okay- we don't get sunsets like that unless they have numerous homes blocking the view... or smog from the highway. So not fair.

I'll post pictures of my classroom... if I get it done!! I'm still not ready, but will be going to school this weekend to finish up.

Tammy said...

Ok Thatcher's Mommy, take a trek out to the country occasionally and take your camera with you.

And I'll be watching for classroom pics! :0)

Thiên said...

Very beautiful, Tammy. Erica's right, you didn't need to touch them up at all!

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

LACEY said...



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