Friday, August 1, 2008

Chillin' at Home with Friends

I told friends today that I was too tired to go anywhere or do anything tonight but laze in the pool and relax on the deck and told them all they were more than welcome to come join us in being lazy for the evening. I guess that must have sounded appealing because they all came over. Even dinner was easy...Marty built a fire and we roasted hot dogs (we seem to do that a lot in the summer don't we??) It is so nice to have friends who don't care if the house isn't perfect or if the dinner is just hot dogs, who just enjoy relaxing and chatting the evening away! The kids had a blast playing in the pool! And kids always like roasting hot dogs. It's probably one of the few times it's ok for them to "play in the fire!" Or maybe, like me, they just know that marshmallows usually follow hot dogs!

As soon as the kids all got in the pool they noticed the 3 baby deer that are always nearby were watching them from the edge of the woods. I love this photo of Riley as she watches the deer, captivated.

Lana and her girls usually bring their bright yellow beach balls with them and all the kids (adults too) love playing with them!


Erica and Lana

It is so neat to watch the budding friendship between Riley and Holly.

Holly and Riley

You think Ashley is just a little excited to be here to play in the pool?

Cameron and Heather playing volleyball:

Holly, Ashley and Riley

Time to dry off! We all gathered around the fire Marty was building.

We all enjoyed sitting around the fire and swapping stories.

From the left:

Bill, Denise, Dave, Ashley, Lana, Holly, Erica and Heather

Typical Erica and Heather behavior! Ashley looks like she doesn't know what to think of it but she'll get used to them soon enough! :0)

I know I sure enjoyed my relaxing evening with friends!!!


E said...

I'm so glad we all came over. It made a potentially boring evening very fun! Thanks guys. Hope we didn't leave your place too messed up!

LACEY said...


Lana said...

We had a great time! It was a nice time and cheap! 2 great things we love. Thank you Tammy and Marty for letting us come bother you guys!!


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