Saturday, August 9, 2008

Josh and Kim

Last night while my friends Erica and Lana were out playing in the river, I was working....if you call hanging out with friends and doing what I love to do working! Our good friends Paula and Jim had asked me to snap some photos of their son Josh's wedding rehearsal and dinner.

Right after work I headed to Jim and Paula's and went with them to a church in a nearby town and then on to dinner. We were out late but it was an enjoyable evening and I met some really nice people. I think my favorite was the little boy seated across from me at dinner and I can't even remember his name (I'm TERRIBLE with names!). He spent much of the evening imitating characters from Jeff Dunham's comedy act and I think it impressed him that I knew who he was imitating and that I watch Jeff Dunham. Of course his funniest impression was of Bubba J and his mom Susan even helped him with that portion of his act. He was a riot! He informed us that he was hyper because he was "jacked up on Pepsi!" Later he had a huge piece of chocolate cake so I bet he was loads of fun when his mama took him home! :0)

The pastor gives instructions to the group. Josh (the groom to be) is on his left, looking very happy!

While Josh waited at the altar he began to ham it up!

Is he praying "Oh God, what have I gotten myself into???"

The bride's (Kim's) parents Steven and Shirley.

These 2 cuties recieved cheers and applauding for this final grand exit. This is the first time they didn't walk down the aisle as far as they could possibly be from one another. They sure didn't want to have to touch at all, let alone link arms!

Kim and Josh

Don't they look so happy together?

All the girls' dresses await the big day.

And on to dinnner......

My friend "Bubba J." He was very hard to capture in a photo because he was constantly moving!

Great friends Jim and Paula. Hopefully before all this is over someone will capture a photo of the 2 of them with their eyes open!

By the end of the evening we were all ready to follow Mason's lead.

The happy couple.

Later today: the wedding!


E said...

Yea, we missed you guys last night. Looks like you got some great shots for Paula & Jimmy though. Yeah!

See ya at the wedding!

Tootie said...

Just happened across you blog from someone elses links. So, I did some browsing. :-) The wedding rehersal pictures are very nice. I'm checking back to see if you have the wedding pictures. :-)



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