Saturday, August 16, 2008

Just Us Girls

Cheyenne and me

Since Marty is still out of town, it's just us girls this weekend. I brought my niece Cheyenne over last night to spend the weekend with us. She and I got up very early this morning to head to the high school to pick Heather up from a lock in. We picked Heather up and went to get breakfast and decided to take our breakfast to the park to enjoy. Despite the fact we were all 3 very sleepy from being up so late, we enjoyed our morning just hanging out. We walked down by the waterfall/dam at the park and took some photos before going shopping for a birthday party later in the day.

Heather and me

Cheyenne and Heather having breakfast at the park. We discovered the park is very peaceful at 7:30 in the morning!

Heather and me

The river in the morning light just looked very peaceful.

Cheyenne and Heather. Heather looking at me like I've lost my marbles dragging her here this early and not letting her go home to shower, fix her hair and makeup first. If only I could look that good that early in the morning not having done any of those things!!!

The dam at Starcke Park

Heather had no clue I was taking these photos.

The school newspaper photo editor hard at work!

My beautiful niece Cheyenne. Such a pretty smile, even so early in the morning!

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