Sunday, August 3, 2008

I'm Sensing a Pattern Here....

Once again we spent an evening relaxing and visiting with friends...only this time at the Pastor's house on the river. An invitation was issued to the whole church this morning welcoming anyone who'd like to go to the pastor's house after church this evening for hotdogs, fellowship and swimming. Our pastor and his wife own a beautiful home on a beautiful spot on the river. Heather, who has a job now (woo hoo!) had to miss the fun because she had to work. We missed you Heather!!! I for one could sure get used to all this sitting around, watching kids swim and chatting with friends! The only drawback to all this house sure isn't getting very clean!!!

Kids were lined up to be tossed into the river. Here Mathew and Michael toss Mason in. Mason was really catching some air a few times!

Mason continues his fall into the water...

Dawson wanted to be tossed in too! Here Mathew and David are throwing the kids in.

Mathew and David threw in Abby.

Meanwhile all the adults just chilled on the dock.

From the left:

Lana, David, Denise, Mitch (in the swing), Bill, Me, Erica, Shannon


What a great place to hang out!

Thanks Mitch and Reva for having us all over!!!


busysingersmom said...

Where is Heather working? I hope I didn't miss it in one of your blog entries.

E said...

Yea, my house has gone to pot this summer, too. =0) But it was FUN!


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