Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Katie

I've mentioned our friends Bill and Denise's daughter Katie in blogs here before. She was one of the kids who was in the nursery at church when I worked there. Their family has been close friends of ours for a few years and they've been like family to us. Katie turned 5 this week and today was her birthday party. As part of her extended "family" we were invited to attend and we were happy to do so.

My favorite photos of the afternoon were of Katie opening her gift from her parents. Several months ago Katie misplaced her beloved "Cleo," a leopard she'd purchased from a "Build a Bear Workshop." Katie was heartbroken over Cleo's disappearance. Today her parents surprised her with a new Cleo:

Happy Birthday, Katie!!! We love you!!!


E said...

Oh, Riley wants a "Build A Bear", too!!!

Happy Birthday, Katie!

me said...

Those are some happy pictures and God answered Ella's prayers.

Lana said...

Happy Birthday Katie!! Thanks for inviting Holly & Ashley they were so excited to come to your party!


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