Thursday, August 14, 2008

Preteen Camp Part 3....Waterfront on Day 2

Each morning during preteen camp, after breakfast every camper headed to the tent for morning celebration which was a sort of pep rally. Afterward the Orange Team (camp was divided into color teams: Red, Blue, Orange, Green, and Purple) was scheduled to have waterfront activities on the lake. The 2nd day of camp our group's waterfront activities included riding the banana boat and kayaking. The banana boat was the majority's favorite camp activity.

The first morning we all posed in front of the big cross. Here is our whole group, minus Jason who took the picture.

I also took a photo of every kid in front of the cross. I love Collin's pose in his photo!

The much anticipated banana boat ride! I took half the kids and Jason took the other half. I rode in the back of the boat that was pulling the inflatable so I could be the spotter and let the driver know if one of the kiddos fell off, and so I could take pictures. According to Jason, his group didn't get to get on a boat until we'd been out in the water for a while.

Cody was the first to tumble off. He then repeated the feat many times and jumped off a few more.

Everyone one managed to fall off except Matthew and Collin.

Sorry Kylie, I didn't get a shot of you as you fell but I got one of your long swim back to the boat!

When the kids saw we were headed back to the dock every single one of them abandoned ship. According to the driver he should have reprimanded them and restricted any further waterfront activities for the stunt but he told me since no one was waiting in line for the boat and since our group wouldn't be riding the boat any more during camp anyway, he wouldn't do or say anything to them. When we finally got all the kids back on the banana and returned to the dock Jason's group was kayaking. He told me our group sure got to stay out longer than his group. Sorry, Jason! Guess I'm just cuter than you are! ;0)

Waiting in line for the kayaks.

Cameron and Maggie

Cody and Michael

Matthew and Collin

Kylie and Haylea

The kids sure enjoyed this day! Stay tuned for more preteen camp!

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