Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Although we won't be celebrating Valentine's Day ON Valentine's Day this year, I decided I'd still devote today's post to it. Marty and I will both be working the evening of Valentine's Day, but we have events planned for both Friday night and Saturday night so don't think we aren't celebrating at all.

I am a packrat. I keep way too much stuff and it clutters up everything. Despite my attempts to do better, I still have a bunch of STUFF. One day when I'm gone Heather will be going through all this stuff trying to figure why on earth I kept it all. Sorry's in the genes!!! Because it's Valentine's Day I dug through some of the stuff I've kept to see how much of it is Valentine related. Turns out...a lot. I pulled out a few things. I have a box that contains stacks and stacks of letters Marty wrote me when we were both in Arizona going to school. There are letters and poems.....and m&m wrappers. Even way back then he knew the way to my heart was through CHOCOLATE. He'd bring me m&m's almost every day after school. He'd bring me poems that he and Tree would sit and write when they were supposed to be taking notes in class. Just scanning through them quickly, the earliest one I found he'd written was dated 2/8/90.

I also found many other cards and valentines. I found a card my brother Levi made me when he was little, a card from my grandma, cards from Heather, even a card from Nana that was in my childhood scrapbook. Amazingly it's one of the few things in that book that isn't ruined.

My card from Levi.

Cards from my Grandma, Heather, my sister in law Courtney, Nana, Heather's former dance teacher, and one to Marty from Heather.

Valentines for me from Heather.

Marty and me as we celebrated Valentine's Day at the church's annual Agape Feast last year.

May this Valentine's Day be one you'll always remember!

Happy Valentine's Day, Babe! Can you believe we've had 18 Valetine's Days???


PS Happy 37th Birthday Tree!!!



busysingersmom said...

Great minds think alike. I just posted a Valentine's Day post! Have a great Valentine's Day weekend!

marty said...

It seems like yesterday that I was looking over your shoulder to see what apartment you lived in! Wound'nt change a thing

Love A/F

E said...

Happy Valentine's Day!


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