Saturday, February 23, 2008

Go Cameron Go!

This morning I decided to surprise Cameron and go watch his last basketball game. I did not wake up early enough to attend Riley's game. (Sorry, Riley!) (Cameron and Riley are 2 of my friend Erica's kids.)

I took a bunch of pictures, few of which turned out at all. Erica has more pics of his game here.

Great game Cameron! I enjoyed it very much!

Riley and Cameron, each with the medals they recieved after theif final playoff games.


Anonymous said...

Wow, those are some ADORABLE kids! They must have some really great looking parents. ;0)

E said...

We're glad you could join us today. His team is SO much improved!!! They did do a great job, didn't they?

Thanks for coming and hanging out with us.

 Cam said...

Thanks for coming Mrs. Tammy, and thank you for taking a few pics.

From Pokey-boy :0)


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