Sunday, February 17, 2008

Painting Project 1 in Progress

I have some painting projects I've been hired to do. The first project is to add some colorful designs to a teenage girl's bedroom walls. One wall is bright orange and the other 3 are white. She wanted some geometrical shapes and she found the basic concept she wanted so I created a design using a rug pattern she'd found and made it work with her colors. I did not take any photos on day one because all I did that day was pencil the shapes onto the walls and the lines would not have been visible anyway. The project is going well and going pretty fast so I'm hoping to have it wrapped up soon.

There's a lot of construction going on in the house where I'm painting so people are in and out quite a bit. A big plus is that the guys on the construction crew taped off the floor for me saving me a lot of prep time. I warned the woman I'm working for that I tend to be messy when I paint but that I'd have plenty of drop cloths to catch any falling paint. I've never been quite as messy as I was yesterday!!! I dropped the can of green paint not once, but twice! What a mess!!! I decided after the 2nd time it was time to call it a day. As I was cleaning up my supplies I spilled my soda all over the floor too.

Right now I'm working on the orange wall and 2 of the white walls I can access while the bed is shoved over by the door. After I finish all these walls I'll move the bed to another corner and work on the final wall, which is mostly closet and wardrobe space and will go very quickly...barring any more messes!

Here's the progress so far:

The corner by the window, before color is added. (Day 1)

Same corner, with the green and orange designs. Today I'll had her blue ovals and more coats of paint on the green and orange. If I can manage to keep enough green paint in the can to finish the job! (Day 2)

The corner between the orange wall and white wall before designs are added. This is the corner the bed will go in when I'm finished moving it all over the place. (Day 1)

Just waiting for the blue and white ovals to be added... (Day 2)

My mess. After it was cleaned up! :0)

More photos of this project coming soon!!


lacey said...

wow thats different!!!! :) :)

E said...

Man, I'm sure glad I don't have to SLEEP in that room! Yikes!

Lookin' good so far though.


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