Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy 40th Birthday, Bill!

Our friend Bill turned 40 last week but he and his wife went out of town to celebrate his day. After they returned his wife Denise, Erica and I planned a surprise party for him at my house.

I emailed Bill and told him since we couldn't celebrate his birthday ON his birthday he and his family should join us for dinner the following weekend. He agreed and as far as I could tell he didn't know what was really in the works. The plan was for them to join us for dinner and several more friends would join us for cake and ice cream afterward.

I was afraid I was going to give it away as I hurried to finish cooking dinner in plenty of time to get it eaten prior to the other guests arriving. But, apparently Bill never caught on! As we finished dinner and sat in the living room I thought Heather was going to give it away. She didn't know about the surprise party after dinner because I didn't want her to inadvertently say anything. As we sat in the living room before the rest of our friends showed up, Erica called to let me know she was waiting at the end of the driveway for the rest to show up and they'd all arrive together. Just after hanging up with her, Heather and I were sitting on the couch facing the window that looks toward the front of the house. She kept watching a car drive back and forth and she kept commenting on it. As soon as Bill looked away I nudged Heather and told her to hush. Marty pulled her into another room to explain to her why the car (Erica's) was at the end of the driveway. It was very funny as it all unfolded and Bill was still clueless! At one point Erica's husband Jason (who's out of town for work) even called so he could tell Bill happy birthday but Marty explained to him that it was a surprise party and that Bill didn't know about it yet so Jason waited and called back later.

I was sure Bill would hear the 3 trucks pull into the driveway and park, but as they arrived at the house Marty started coughing to cover up the sound. I could tell the cough was fake and knew exactly what Marty was doing, but Bill....still clueless! I was surprised Denise and I could keep straight faces as all this was happening. As soon as our friends all walked in Bill figured it out just as they all yelled surprise!

What a fun way to celebrate with a friend! Happy Birthday Bill and thanks for being a great sport with our surprise! And thanks everyone else for helping us pull this off and for coming to help us all celebrate!!!

Thank you Denise, Erica, Darla, Dean, Billy, and Lisa!!! many people does it take to put 40 candles on a cake??? Apparently 4 + 1 to hold the fire extinguisher!!!

The birthday boy!

Good grief Bill you sure filled my kitchen with a lot of smoke!!!

Hope you enjoyed your birthday surprise Bill!

Bill's daughter Katie waiting for a piece of cake!

Never a dull moment when Bill's around!

While the adults visited, all the kids made pallets in the playroom!

For more photos of the night's festivities check out Erica's blog.


E said...

I didn't know you took that picture of all of us lighting the candles. That's a cute one!

Happy Birthday, Bill! =0)

ME!! said...

Thanks TJ

It was fun and dinner was good too.


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