Sunday, February 3, 2008

I Found My Office!!!

It seems lately that I've gotten behind on EVERYTHING! Especially housework. Last weekend I cleaned out and organized my bedroom and closet. What a difference that made! My closet and my office are the last rooms in the house I seem to find time to clean/organize.

Today I spent cleaning and organizing my office. Things are about to get even busier and not only do I need the room in my office to get some upcoming work done, I need to get stuff caught up before I do start my next project and further neglect the house!

I will soon begin a big painting job. I will do some decorative painting in the bedrooms of a friend's 2 children and then begin a large painting of a wolf scene set on 3 large canvases for their family room. I know with my schedule already pretty hectic, most of my housework will be even more neglected while I work on these projects. I'm hoping that by getting everything caught up before beginning, that it will be easier for us to stay on top of things.

Last summer I bought a cubby-type shelf. It stayed in the box until today when I asked Marty to put it together for me. I then asked him to put together a computer desk of his mom's that's been in the storage shed so I could put it in my office and take out the huge desk I had. He isn't often home on Saturdays, but right now is between side jobs so I'm taking advantage and keeping him busy with honey-dos!

While he worked on putting together the furniture I got busy cleaning out stuff and unhooking computer equipment to be moved. It wasn't long before he came to tell me I might want to get my camera as our dog Missy was trying to "help" him put my shelf together.

She appears to be determined to get him to stop and play with her. At one point she even began to bring him all her toys!

Here is the room in which I spend the majority of my time at home. It's still not quite like I want it, but I guess I just simply have too much crap and nowhere to put it, as well as having too many projects!!! But, those of you who have seen my office lately, know what an improvement this is! This is the room where I write my blogs, upload pictures, tweak pictures in Photoshop, communicate with friends, paint, store scrapbook materials, etc.

One of these days I'll even redecorate this room with all the beach and flip flop decorations Nana has given me for it!!!


Elizabeth said...

Wow! You've even got more in it that last time I was there! So neat and organized. It looks great--I love that computer desk!

LACEY said...


E said...

I give it a month --- And that's being generous!

I mean really it wasn't THAT long ago that we gave it a complete overhaul.... =0)

Debbie said...

I didn't know you had carpet in there... he he.

Looks wonderful, good job and good luck keeping it that way.


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