Monday, February 18, 2008

It's ALMOST Finished!

After work tonight I went to work on the painting project, hoping tonight would be the last night on this room. Not quite. I have one more coat to add to the orange stripe on one wall, then the blue tape can come off and I will be completely through with that room. Tonight I added another coat of paint to everything and finished the 4th wall. After I finish the orange stripe tomorrow I'll start the 2nd bedroom.

If nothing else, this project has given me a whole new appreciation for how hard Marty works. He often will work a full day, then go straight to another side job until late at night....and for many more days than what I've done. And he works much harder than moving a paintbrush up and down! :0) I certainly don't know how he does it!


E said...

Good job! Are they loving how its turning out???

Tammy said...

They absolutely LOVE it, especially the owner of the room!


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