Monday, February 11, 2008

Starsteppers Again Take the Court

We learned late last week the Lady Matadors Basketball team made it to the playoffs and they would play tonight at home. Since the cheerleaders are still out of town for a competition, the dance team once again provided the half time show. They did the same jazz routine as last week, but their costumes have arrived and they've much improved their moves in this dance! Great job ladies and good luck at this weekend's dance competition!!!

The basketball team got stomped (I don't even know what the final score was, but it was a pretty steep loss.)

Here are several photos of the dance team's half time performance:


It has been birthday central lately!
Happy 39th Birthday today to Jason
and Happy 37th Birthday to my friend Dar!!!
(Dar, can you believe the first year we celebrated your birthday we were 19 years old??? My how the time has flown!!!)



lacey said...

happy birthday Dar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

E said...

Hey, I like these outfits! They're cool looking.

And Lacey, Lacey, read the whole thing, looked at all the pictures and all you had to say was "Happy Birthday Dar!"?

Man......I'm so disappointed. =0)


-and Jason thanks you both for the happy birthday wishes. =0)


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