Sunday, February 24, 2008


The youth group from church went bowling tonight so Marty and I went along too. Heather got home from her dance trip just in time to attend church and go on the bowling trip. Welcome home, Heather! We missed you!!!

To see photos of the kids bowling, check out Erica's blog. I only have photos of the adults who bowled.....and photos of some of the adults trying to keep other adults from bowling well! :0)

Almost any time we go bowling, Marty bowls very well and I bowl pretty badly. A bowler I am least not a good one! But I do enjoy it and Marty learned a long time ago I enjoy it a lot more if he doesn't try to coach me and just lets me have fun with it. Marty and Erica spent a great deal of their time trying to mess each other up. It was funny to watch!!!

Note Heather's hair!!! She had one of her dance teammates cut her hair while they were in Galveston this weekend. I knew she was planning to have it done but didn't know she'd go as short as she did until she texted me a photo as soon as it was done. I really like it on her, except that now everyone says she looks older! :0( When I picked her up from the school tonight one of the dancers commented that her hair now looks like mine!!! The styles are pretty similar now! Tonight everyone was trying to decide which of us now has shorter hair!

This is how long my hair is...

And here's Heather's new length: (in the black tshirt)

Reva (one of Heather's youth workers)

Marty bowling.

Erica (also a youth worker) trying her best to keep Marty from getting ANOTHER strike!

Heather's "I'm up to no good" look.

Billy (youth worker) and Heather bowling. Billy has an awesome curve ball he throws. It just sometimes winds up in the gutter!

Me. Bowling shoes always make such a great fashion statement, don't they?!


E said...

Okay, I'm sorry I jumped on your husband - - - but you said I could!!!! =0)

Tammy said...

Yep I sure did! It's actually funny to see him react with you the way he does with my sisters!

busysingersmom said...

Tell Heather I love her hair!!!

LACEY said...




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