Friday, February 22, 2008


Although we only live 5 hours apart, it's been 2, if not 3 years since we've seen one another! Elizabeth and I became best friends quickly after we met during our senior year in high school (1988-1989), and we were INSEPERABLE! We were together constantly: during school, after school, at work, on weekends...she was just another member of my family. Although Dad always made her nervous, my parents just welcomed her as one of their own. My youngest brother and sister Levi and Lacey were pretty small that year, and adored her as well, especially Lacey. When I called Lacey this morning I told her "Guess who I'm going to see tonight?" She was almost as excited as me when I told her I'd get to see Elizabeth. One of my favorite photos was taken the night Elizabeth and I graduated high school. It's of both of us in our red caps and gowns and Levi and Lacey are in the photo with us. I'd post it if I could find it!

When I moved to Arizona after graduation it was Elizabeth I missed as much as I missed my family. Elizabeth was the friend who made sure I had a calling card so I could call her as often as I needed to while I was away. She's the one who made sure I got home that first Christmas away. She and a friend drove all the way to Phoenix to pick up my roommate and me and drive us all the way back to Missouri. Elizabeth is the one whose house I could go, any time day or night and always be welcomed no matter what. There were even nights when as a teenager I knew my heart was just breaking in two and I could knock on her window and she'd get up, come let me in and we'd talk all night.

Gosh Elizabeth, who knew we could pack so many memories into that one year?! The first auto accident I was ever in was with her in her mom's car. The first time I had my car airborn, Elizabeth was with me. Elizabeth do you remember that? I'd almost forgotten that one until my latest trip back to Missouri and Marty and I drove that same road and I remembered and shared with him. She was almost always with me any time I cruised through town. Oh the miles we must have skated round and round at Skateland, the miles we cruised Porter Wagoner Blvd, the hours we've spent talking , crying and laughing together, the nights we spent talking all night sitting on the pavement in front of KFC or on the hood of my car in front of Hardee's. Remember McDonaldland Cookies and Grape Soda???

Elizabeth was in San Antonio this week for a conference for work. Marty and I drove over tonight to meet her at the RiverWalk to hang out for the evening. The time went by much too quickly! What fun I had catching up, if even for a short while. Can you believe our girls are almost the age we were when we met? I don't think I have a single senior year memory that you aren't in! :0) I thank God for you and what you've meant to me the past 20 years!

Elizabeth and me waiting for our dinner at Joe's Crab Shack.

Our waiter put a bib on Marty before his dinner arrived!

Elizabeth in front of the Alamo doors.

the Alamo

Elizabeth and me along the RiverWalk

Just outside the RiverCenter Mall, after enjoying our Starbucks Coffee break!

Elizabeth, I'm so glad we got to spend the evening together. Hope to see you in Fredericksburg at the end of March!!! Love ya bunches!!!


marty said...

sorry thr evening was so short elizabeth but am glad that you and tammy got to spend the evening together she needed it!

E said...

What a FUN night for you. I love, love, love getting together with old friends! I'm so glad y'all got to get together last night.

Elizabeth said...

I am so glad you were able to come to town while I'm here!!! I hate that we don't get to get together much...lives get away from us. I needed to visit and laugh---with you and Marty was perfect!!!!! I'll do my best to make it to Fredricksburg!
Love you bunches!

Angela said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I must someday go to Texas and visit the Alamo--it looks absolutly beautiful in your photos!

Anonymous said...

hey elizabeth!! you look great!! i miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im soooo glad you and tammy got to spend the evening together!!!!!!!

lacey said...

crazy computer that last comment from me : lacey


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