Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I Will Make You Cry

Not really. "I Will Make You Cry" is the name of the song the Starsteppers danced to at half time at the basketball game tonight. The dance was very cute and the girls all looked like they were having a ball performing it. Some of them were concerned about their mess-ups, but the majority of the audience didn't have a clue. The team is preparing for its first competition coming up a week from Saturday. Next week they'll perform their kick routine at another basketball game.

I WANTED to cry when, just before I left for the game, my mother in law called offering us free tickets to a Brooks and Dunn concert tonight. I so wanted to ditch the game and go to the concert! But, Marty'd just arrived home from work and was ready to tackle the job of retiling my bathroom floor and I did need to get Heather to the game and be a supportive Mommy and watch their performance. So, sadly I turned down the tickets. Thanks anyway Granny!!! I'd have loved to have been able to go!!!!

Heather and me after the game.

The halftime show. I love these green costumes!!!! Heather is in the very center.

Heather with her friend Brittney who is a cheerleader, but who danced with Heather last year.

Heather and Ashely

Machelle and Heather

Our boys lost their game tonight to Austin Bowie. Final score was a dismal 64 to 26. :0(


E said...

Sorry I missed it. I'm glad you had Reva there to chat with at least. I do like these outfits a lot better than the last ones! =0)

lacey said...

sorry you missed the brooks n dunn concert sorry heather i would have ditched you!!!!! but hey i LOVE country music!!!!

love you guys!!!!!!!!

busysingersmom said...

Yay Heather! I love the outfits too! :)


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