Saturday, February 23, 2008

Celebrating warm days and birthdays

It was such a beautiful, warm day that when Marty finished the tasks he was working on this morning he came home, washed the bike and we went for a motorcycle ride. I am strictly a fair weather rider and have been waiting for a nice, warm day for a ride. Marty on the other hand has ridden his bike all winter long, except on extreme cold or rainy days. Then he takes my Suburban to work!

It turned out to be the perfect afternoon for a ride. While we were out and about we discovered many who had the same idea we had. There were motorcycles and convertibles with tops down everywhere we went. Meanwhile my family back in Missouri is still covered in ice and very cold. And yes, I rubbed it in how warm we are here...especially to my sister Lacey. :0)

You can just see green starting to peek through the brown here and there.

One of our stops was at Landa Park in New Braunfels. I took my mom here last summer for a day but Marty had never been.

I've never seen a squirrel pose quite like this before. The poor guy was confused. Marty was on one side of the tree and I on the other. He danced around a bit before finally darting straight up the tree.

I was just playing with shutter speeds with the water rushing over the rocks.

We arrived home from our ride in time to celebrate our friend Denise's 35th birthday. Happy Birthday Denise!!!


E said...

Happy Birthday, Denise!

Angela said...

Notice you in the review mirror in that first photo:) You seem to have some beautiful areas in Texas. Love the squirrel. It seems he is thinking: hey, this is my tree. I envy you getting to ride. I am terrified of motorcycles but miss riding my horse in the national forest.

lacey said...

hey not nice of you to rub it in how warm you are when im frezzing my tail off!!!!!!!! :)

Maria said...

Boy, and I thought our 33' waether was nice. It looks even nicer there. Love that squirrel!


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