Saturday, February 16, 2008

Agape Feast

Tonight was our church's annual "Agape Feast." The Agape Feast is our annual Valentine banquet. There's always a catered meal and a gospel music group provides entertainment. This year the group was Shiloh.

It was a fun evening and a great excuse for everyone to get all dressed up for the evening.

Marty and me at the Agape Feast.

Erica and Jason .


E said...

Had fun & enjoyed the evening with you guys...

lacey said...

2 very wonderful couples!!!! Happy v-day to yall!!!!!!!

cute dresses girls!!!!!!! (did ya freeze? looks like you prob did)

marty you look good in pink :) (it is a pink shirt right??? cause it looks like it to me---im in shock!!!!)

E said...

Lacey - it's not pink, it's SALMON. And yes he is finally getting brave enough to wear some MAN colors. Takes a real man to wear SALMON! =0)

Mine was not a dress - it was slacks. But thanks!

And Tammy said you wanted a close up of our toes on here? Are you NUTS? =0)


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