Saturday, February 2, 2008

More Pictures from Mom

THANKS MOM!!! I've been waiting since THURSDAY for my mom or my sister Regina to send pictures of the big snow they got back in Missouri to post for them. Regina said hers didn't turn out well but she'd send some anyway...but I'm STILL waiting! Mom just sent these and they are awesome!!! They all have dial-up so I know it must have taken FOREVER to send. Thanks for taking the time Mom! I know it's a pain! :0)

My hometown of West Plains, Missouri got hit with a big snow storm this week, closing schools before the snow even began to fall. Mom took the following pictures of the snow storm and some of some eagles she sees almost every day now. I recently posted an awesome eagle photo Mom took here. The pictures she sent managed to make me miss playing in the snow, even though I've done nothing but complain about winter/cold weather lately!

This is Mom's driveway, the hill where we always went sledding! What fun we had and how we froze sledding for hours before racing home to warm by the fire! We'd drape our wet gloves and socks all around the stove wishing they'd hurry and dry so we could go back out! One winter we used sheets of plastic as our sleds and those made the funnest sleds ever! Dad didn't ever let us do that again because the hillside became so slick he couldn't get out, even in a 4 wheel drive!

The creek on Mom's property where we used to play. It doesn't always have water in it, and Mom said there were only a few spots with water in it now.

I'm still so jealous that Mom has this view to look at almost daily!!!! Wow!

Great photos Mom!
Wish I was there to walk in the snow with you again!
Love you bunches!!!


E said...

That first one is beautiful with the cardinal sitting against all the white snow. Great job, Tammy's mom!

(But I still prefer our beautiful, warm Texas day that we had today!)

Anonymous said...

thanks guys, and Tammy I was also wishing you could have been here with us, walking in the snow. We had a really nice day today, for Feb, that is. mom

Debbie said...

Wonderful pictures... Love the cardinal picture and of course the majestic Eagle... would have loved to be there in all that snow....


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