Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Outnumbered 5:1

Marty is certainly in the minority this week, especially today. He got up this morning to a house full of females. He should be accustomed to being in the minority. All these years Heather has danced he has often been the only dad, or one of 2 dads present on dance trips. In Missouri there was typically one other dad often at the dance studio and on dance trips. Once we moved to Texas, he was the only dad to travel with the studios to dance competitions. He's always been a great sport and even preferred the dance trips to the one season of basketball games we attended when Heather played middle school basketball!

We kept 2 of our friends Bill and Denise's daughters overnight last night and they will come over each morning the rest of this week so I can take them to school while Denise is out of town for a funeral.

Meet Bethany. She's also one of the students in my Sunday School class at church.

This is Bethany's younger sister Maggie. Bethany and Maggie will both be attending preteen camp with me this summer where I'll be their counselor.

Another little girl, Kaleigh, comes over every morning so I can take her to school and this is her last week because she'll be moving this weekend.

This is Kaleigh. I'm going to miss seeing her bright, smiling face each morning!

Heather is adjusting in typical teenage fashion to having to share her bathroom each morning, but I'm just thankful we have 3 of them on days like today. :0)

Those of you who know Heather and me well, know how likely (or unlikely) we are to get out of the house on time each morning. Today I had 4 girls to get to 3 schools and everyone was on time and I still had time to stop for coffee! Woo hoo!


E said...

And if you include Missy???? Goodness! Poor, poor Marty!

Welcome to my world before Riley came along. It was always FOUR BOYS and me. God KNEW I needed a girl! =0)

marty said...

just how fast were you driving anyway?

Grace said...

HAHA talk about being late!By the time I get my 5 ready of the morning and get the oldest 3 to their school and Ashley to hers we are about 5 minutes late :) Could be worse!


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