Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mid-Winter Concert

As crazy as our schedule has been lately it was bound to happen. We didn't get tonight's band concert on the calendar and didn't realize it was tonight until a few days ago. Once I did find out from Heather that her band was performing this week, I neglected to tell Marty about it until today. (I could have sworn I told him, but he says otherwise!)

As always I continue to be impressed each year with how very talented these kids are. They truly amaze me with their capabilities, probably because I am so musically UNinclined! Although the concert was short, it was very good. The high school has 4 bands, 3 of which are performing bands. Heather is in the 2nd band that performed tonight. The pieces they played are called "Arsenal" and "Prelude, Sicilliano, and Rondo." This is her 5th year to be a band member and she plays a french horn, except during marching season. Then she plays a mellophone. She loves band as well as dance and if she ever had to choose between the two I honestly don't know what she'd decide.

Heather also plays with a small ensemble at church and they often present special music there. They played this past Sunday, but I forgot my camera!

Here are a few of the pictures I took tonight. They did not turn out well as I still have a lot to learn in photographing low light situations!

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