Friday, November 16, 2007

November Skies

The skies have been gorgeous this summer and fall. I remembered to throw the camera in the car today because I missed an awesome sunset last night. It paid off. Tonight after work I picked up Erica's kids and took them into town with me to meet up with Heather and Erica for a quick dinner and trip to Hobby Lobby. On the way to town I noticed the sky getting prettier and prettier as the sun set. As soon as I had a good view I whipped the car over to the shoulder causing Mathew to wonder what on earth I was doing. He's been with Erica and me before when we've stopped for pictures so you can imagine the rolling eyes on this teenage boy when I told him I had to get a picture of the sunset! Sorry Mathew, but the price passengers pay when riding with me is you never know when I'm going to stop for a picture! Just ask Heather!

I snapped this one through the windshield as I was driving down the street. Honest, Erica, your kids were in NO danger while I did this! :0)


E said...

Uh huh, driving wrecklessly with my kids in the car, huh? J/K

Pretty pics. =0)

busysingersmom said...

I don't think our sunsets are as pretty here in Missouri. I guess that's why Texas is called the Big Sky country, huh?

lacey said...

oh missouri has beautiful sunsets u just have to find a spot where there's not as many trees!!!!!

beautiful pics!!

leave early when u head home to missour ok?!?!?!


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